Kevin D. Holland
Jan 2018 — Present
// Homade Co.

My personal studio specializes in Branding and Web Design for startups and entrepreneurs.

Nov 2017 — Present
DIRECTOR of design
// Prism Brands

Prism Brands is a Chicago based, full service e-commerce agency serving retailers and manufacturers.

Nov 2016 — Nov 2017
// Chrome City P.R.

Chrome City Creative is a Public Relations agency specializing in events, bar + restaurant and creative industries.

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I started Homade Co. to document my work and be a playground for experimentation in web design. I run my studio in addition to full-time work as a Design Director at Prism Brands in Chicago.

Curiosity is my fundamental driving force. The depth of knowledge to uncover as a Graphic Designer makes the title inadequate. I think of myself as a Designer above all else. I'm compelled to fix, enhance, build and leave my mark. My career, the tools I use and my methods are all a means to an end. Leaving the world a little better than I found it.

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My values

speak business

Many designers get caught up in the details of executing a design and can’t see the big picture. I'm more than creative. I am concerned about the hard-facts and figures of your business and treat it as my own. I look for ways to make your money back through better design.

be transparent

First off, I've worked for agencies both in-house and as a contractor. I was asked to whip up a lot of junk in little time for clients who assumed we were working on their project for weeks - had a retainer with us and were disgruntled with the low level of attention to their needs. The simple truth is that agencies need cashflow more than they need excellent results in the short-term. You suffer, your designer suffers and the consumer suffers.

be adaptable

I'm a hybrid designer who has a wide range of capabilities and a couple masteries. I believe in doing only what's practical to get you to the next step and committing to iterative improvements. I'm the type to learn it myself and do it myself. I want to know everything about anything that even remotely interest me and I'll find a way to solve a design problem if it takes me all night.