Kevin D. Holland
Jan 2018 — Present | founder
Homade LLC

My personal studio specializes in Identity Design and Web Design.

Nov 2017 — Present | director of design
Prism brands

Prism Brands is a Chicago based, full service e-commerce agency serving retailers and manufacturers.

Nov 2016 — Nov 2017 | graphic designer
Chrome City Creative

Chrome City Creative is a public relations focused creative agency specializing in events, bar + restaurant and press.

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I run Homade in addition to full-time work as a Design Director at Prism Brands in Chicago. This combined experience has helped me double dip in the evolution of e-commerce.

Curiosity is my fundamental driving force. The depth of knowledge to uncover as a Graphic Designer makes the title inadequate. I think of myself as a Designer above all else. I'm compelled to fix, enhance, build and leave my mark. My career, the tools I use and my methods are all a means to an end. Leaving the world a little better than I found it.

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My values

speak business

Many designers get caught up in the details of executing a design and forget the client needs a return on their investment. I'm more than creative. I am concerned about the hard-facts and figures of your business and treat it as my own. I look for ways to turn eyeballs into dollar signs.

be transparent

I've worked for agencies both in-house and as a contractor. I was asked to crank out a lot of junk in little time for clients who assumed we were working on their project for weeks. They had a retainer with us and were disgruntled with the low level of attention to their needs. I have a strict, no B.S. policy. We all make mistakes, we don't all make them twice.

be adaptable

I'm a hybrid designer who has a wide range of capabilities and a couple masteries. I want to know everything about anything that even remotely interests me and I'll find a way to solve a design problem if it requires me becoming an expert in a new, niches topic to do it. Part of the appeal of my career is that it rewards me for being a know-it-all.

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