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Homade specializes in graphic and web design for individuals and businesses looking for a professional look that will last.
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I'm so lucky do create for a living. Design is my way to improve the world around me and leave it better than I found it. I think of myself as a creative problem solver, so regardless of the medium, I'm driven to fix, enhance and create something memorable. You don't have to settle for a flakey graphic designer that doesn't speak the language of business.

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Kevin D. Holland


what I can do for you

graphic design

Creative graphic design for digital and print. Whether you need a flyer, a poster or a roadside billboard, I'm ready to make it real.

Brand identity

Logo design is the first step to creating an identity. Your brand will have all the essentials it needs to look the part.

website design

Hate cookie-cutter websites? Me to! Every website design I make is custom tailored to you, built with clean code and you in mind.

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how it works


We write a Creative Brief

Get the basics down first. Each project has a research and collection phase.


I get to work

I roll out most designs in phases presenting updates for feedback.


we wrap it up

Your final design deliverables are sent when the final payment is process unless otherwise arranged.

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SIMPLe & Hassle-free

how it works

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the journal

10 ways I spark my creativity

For creative professionals and entrepreneurs you can't wait for creative ideas to drop out of the sky. So here are my 10 tips on how you can spark your creativity by controlling your environment.

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How to name your logo files

If you're not sure what's what, imagine how a client must feel looking through logo finals named "logo-final" and "logo-final-final-for-real-this-time" That is why I have a file naming system.

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Why Flat 2D design is popular

In the early 2000s, 3D logos and skeuomorphic designs were all the rage. But overnight, the whole world changed to 2D design from UI to flat app icons...when did this happen?

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