Homade goes to Webflow No-code Conf. 2022

  • Visual design tool: Webflow's visual design tool allows you to design and build your website using a drag-and-drop interface. This makes it easy to create custom layouts and styles without having to write any code.
  • Robust content management system (CMS): Webflow's CMS is designed specifically for content creators, with a focus on making it easy to add, edit, and organize content. The CMS integrates seamlessly with the visual design tool, so you can see your content in context as you're creating it.
  • Custom animations and interactions: With Webflow, you can create custom animations and interactions using the platform's built-in design tools. This allows you to add dynamic elements to your site, such as hover effects and scroll-based animations.
  • E-commerce capabilities: Webflow offers a range of features to help you build and manage an e-commerce website, including product pages, checkout pages, and integration with payment gateways.
  • Excellent support and resources: Webflow has a wealth of resources available to help you get started with the platform, including in-depth tutorials and documentation, an active community forum, and dedicated support teams.

Overall, Webflow is a powerful and flexible platform that offers a range of features to help designers and developers create professional-quality websites. Whether you're building a simple brochure site or a complex e-commerce platform, Webflow has the tools and resources you need to succeed. Here is everything we learned by attending the Webflow Conference in San Fransico this year.

Hey its me! Was so happy to get to ask this question. I'll let you know, I thought this answer was decent. I understand that apps like Monto are a great example of their ethos here...let the people build what they need and make a marketplace around it. Makes good business sense, but I would like to have heard more about making parts of ecomm more customizable...improvements to the API...let us choose our own tax application, more fulfillment options built-in, more payment options built in...that kind of thing.

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