How to name your logo files

So the job is done, and ready to export from Adobe Illustrator to a folder for your client. Lets not blow it in the homestretch! Give your logo files a reliable, logical name using some rules that have save me pain over and over again.

The trick is to name your files using the same hierarchy as the folder structure (see how I set up folders). The key to it all is not being afraid to say more. I always include the following information and sometimes even more:

  • Client name or abbreviation (I tend to use an easy to remember abbreviation)
  • Logo configuration (for example: logo, wordmark, icon)
  • Color scheme (for example: full color, black, white, trans)
  • Color gamut (rbg, cmyk)


Lets go through a hypothetical situation. The client in the example wanted to have large banner printed. The logo for the banner needs to be:

  1. a full logo with the logo mark and logotype combined;
  2. full color;
  3. in a high-resolution file format (vector);
  4. for printing (CMYK)

All we need is a name for our fictional client. How about Quality Select? Their abbreviation will be QS

Here is how that file name would look.


When your file naming convention mimics your folder structure, it helps to reinforce the meaning and proper use of the logo.

With a clearly organized folder structure and a concise naming convention, anyone should be able to easily find the logo they need, every time. If this info was useful to you please consider joining my newsletter to be notified when I've posted more content just like this.

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